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Episode Choose Your Story

Episode Free Gems and Passes

Episode Choose your Story has been designed by Episode Interactive which is a Pocket Gems company. It is an interactive game which has a mobile app. It is compatible with iPhone and other Apple and Android devices.

The game is an excellent platform to write stories for those who love it. They would know what their readers like to read and write it accordingly. With the app you can literally write whatever you desire. Create your story line and deep and fun characters of your choice. You have pretty much the freedom of creating your imaginary world for people to read. To make the game even more exciting, the creators have added new perks to it where you can view and play the game which is based on famous TV shows and use the characters in it in your story.

The game has been carefully designed to appeal to teenagers as they see their life’s normal events incorporated in the story. You can date and be in a relationship and even play dress-up with the characters.

The game is compatible with almost all the smart devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. Not only this, but the audience who follows your story line can give instant reviews. The readers are faithful and let the players have the opportunity to work their way through the countless decisions that give more detailed stories.

You require gems and passes to play the game. You can also purchase a beautiful dress for your character through these gems. Thus, a lot of passes and gems are needed for the game.

How to get free passes and gems for Episode choose your story

The best part of having this game would be in a case if we could acquire unlimited gems and passes. We probably would never leave our devices because to be honest who wants to put it down and get back to the boring old real life. There is a way to get our wishes fulfilled and our accounts can be filled to the brim with gems and passes.

The reason why gems and passes are a crucial asset is that with them you can keep playing the game without any interruption or waiting. Even though you can get the gems just by waiting as they are generated every day, but seriously who can wait that long for only a couple of gems and passes. You can even get the resources by visiting the forum and asking for the referral codes that people are willing to give. The gems can also be bought from actual money but then again not everyone can afford it or would want to use their money to get the resources.

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Steps to add gems and passes

With some easy steps you can add as many gems and passes to your account as you can. Follow them and you would be able to get those free gems and passes.

1) Click on the button that says “Click here” under the free gems and passes.

2) Type in your user name and email address.

3) Click on the Submit button.

4) Verify that you are a human by completing the offer that you are given. You either have to download an app and run it for a minute or complete a survey. This would not take a long time. The maximum time you would have to spend on this would be four to five minutes.

5) You would get the link of generator on your email through which you can get the gems and passes.

6) Get your gems and passes securely.

7) Enjoy these free unlimited gems and passes.

Remember, that your user name is different from your email address. You would be asked for the platform from which you are playing the game, iOS or Android. Be sure to enable proxy to get your internet to work as fast as it could or it might slow down.